Inimitable Blonde Bleaching Powder Green Matcha


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Inimitable Blonde Bleaching Powder Green Matcha Lightens up to 9 tones. Made with Green Tea, Cucumber Oil, Spirulina Algae, and Plex to give your hair the greatest protection when lightening the hair. 

Innovative matcha-colored bleaching powder that with the addition of the appropriate Hair Company Professional oxidant emulsion turns into a mask with a soft and silky texture. It thus allows for better distribution on the hair. Ideal for freehand lightening.
The antioxidant and moisturizing properties of spirulina algae and green tea help to preserve the structure of the hair, in addition, the hyaluronic acid-based protectant, plumps and protects during the bleaching process.

How to Use: Mix in a nonmetallic bowl the green matcha bleaching powder with the most suitable Hair Company oxidizing emulsion in a 1:2 dilution ratio observing a setting time that can vary from 20 to 50 minutes. The choice of oxidizing emulsion and setting time will vary depending on the condition of the hair and the desired result. Do not place under a heat source. Do not apply the product on the scalp.

Size: 500G