BBCOS NeutralColor Cover Gray


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The acid pH formulation of neutralColor, neutralizes part of the ammonia contained in the Innovationevo dyes, adjusting the formula to be used as “tone on tone” when combined with oxygen 10 vol. 3%, with a gray hair coverage of 50%.
This special feature also makes neutralColor ideal for toning up previously bleached hair.

How to use
neutralColor must be blended with the coloring cream before adding the oxidant, which in turn will have to be determined considering only the quantity of the dye cream.

1. Weigh 100 g of Innovationevo (Hair Color) with 50 grams of neutralColor and mix;
2. Weigh 150 grams of Oxigen (Peroxide) 10 vol. 3%
3. Apply on the hair.

neutralColor does not change the laying time of Innovationevo dyes.


Size: 100ML